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WPPCO Safety & Loss Prevention Plan


8.0 Safety Equipment & Personal Protective Equipment

WPPCO shall provide adequate first aid equipment, fire extinguishers and other safety equipment and shall maintain this equipment in a professional manner as dictated by legal and industry standards. In addition, WPPCO shall keep up-to-date records of all said equipment.

8.1 First Aid Boxes

First-aid boxes shall be provided for at all work areas. Boxes shall be clearly identified as first-aid containers and kept in accessible places, which should be made known to every employee of that location. Sufficient quantities of each item shall always be available in every first-aid box, and shall be replaced as necessary. Contents shall be checked regularly for expiry dates.
Each first-aid box shall contain the following as a minimum:

      • 12 small sterilized dressings
      • 6 medium sterilized dressings
      • 6 large sterilized dressings
      • 24 adhesive wound dressings
      • 4 triangular bandages
      • 1 x 10yds zinc oxide plaster
      • 2.5oz sterilized cotton wool
      • 4 sterilized eye pads
      • 1 rubber pressure bandage
      • 1pkt safety pins
      • Waterproof dressings and plasters
      • 2 Lateral-type pocket masks
      • 8 pairs PVC gloves  4 PVC aprons
      • 1 pair eye protection (glasses/goggles)

8.2 Personal Protective Equipment:

WPPCO shall supply its personnel with adequate protective clothing and equipment as required in connection with the safe performance of the work. The personal protective clothing and other protective equipment shall be maintained in good condition, and shall be worn on all relevant occasions as indicated by notices, instructions, work permits, safety regulations and good practice. WPPCO supplies all personnel at construction sites with:

      • Safety helmets
      • Safety boots
      • Protective clothing
      • Gloves
      • Safety glasses
      Furthermore, special equipment (e.g. leather gloves, protective full face welding mask and leather safety shoes for welders) is provided on an as-needed basis.


    shall ensure that all sub-contractors supply protective clothing and equipment to their employees.



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