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WPPCO Safety & Loss Prevention Plan


6.0 Inspection and audits

6.1 General

Systematic inspection and auditing of work in progress to check for unsafe conditions is the principal means by which site supervisors will manage HSE on an ongoing basis. Unsafe practices will be discouraged by regular inspection at the work site. The operational condition of safety equipment and the reliability, serviceability and maintenance of work tools and equipment shall be established by unannounced spot checks.

6.2 Inspection Schedule

6.2.1 Daily Routine Inspection

Routine inspections will be carried out daily by the Safety Officer for the following activities:

  • Procedures
  • Use of tools and equipment
  • Use of protective equipment
  • Excavations
  • Mechanical handling and lifting

6.2.2 Weekly Inspections

A schedule of audits will be prepared weekly by the supervisors for the areas under their supervision and agreed with the Site Manager. The schedule should cover the following activities:

  • Vehicle use
  • Construction operations
  • Tunneling operations
  • Road works
  • Fire precautions and emergency response

Inspections and audits will be carried out by two-man teams – the relevant supervising engineer plus one other. A 30-minute audit will be made during which the two-man team will look for unsafe acts including procedure violations, mishandling of tools and equipment, reckless behavior by workforce and general unwritten sense HSE items. It is essential that observation concentrates solely on HSE and other factors such as progress or technical quality should not be considered simultaneously. In conducting the audit, the team should avoid giving the impression of a formal inspection. At the end of the audit, the team should immediately check results and agrees recommendations. An audit report should be prepared listing unsafe acts and unsafe conditions and summarizing recommendations.
All audit reports will be forwarded to the Site Manager. Recommendations will be discussed at site safety meetings and sub-contractors meetings. The supervisor for the area is the responsible parties for ensuring necessary corrective actions are taken. Progress on corrective actions taken should be reported in monthly meetings, until all actions have been completed.



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