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WPPCO Safety & Loss Prevention Plan


4.0 Meetings

HSE meetings are the main means for dissemination of information and discussion of HSE matters at the site. The following meetings will be held at regular basis:

4.1 General

Safety at site shall be the first subject during all meeting of the Construction Management Team and also at the co-ordination meeting(s) with the sub-contractor(s).

4.2 Site Management Safety Meetings

Site Management will convene weekly. The Site Manager will chair the meeting.
The agenda for these meetings will cover reports/recommendations from audits and HSE matters related to ongoing and planned activities. The meeting will also be used as a forum for Site Safety Officers to present and discuss safety practices and guidelines on appropriate topics.

4.3 Sub-Contractors Safety Meetings

A weekly HSE meeting will be held with all sub-contractors and their safety representatives on site. The objectives are to raise and resolve general HSE requirements, to check the progress made by the sub-contractors on HSE action points and to discuss HSE matters raised by the sub-contractors. The agenda of such a meeting shall typically include:

  • Confirmation that all personnel on site implement safety regulations and follow procedures as applicable for the project.
  • Discussions on incidents, injuries, and ‘near misses' as reported in the past period.
  • Discussions of recommendations, measures to be taken etc. to maintain or improve HSE awareness.
  • Risk assessment for work to be conducted the following week.



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