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WPPCO Safety & Loss Prevention Plan

3.0 Training and education

3.1 Induction Briefing All new members of the Client Team shall be briefed by the Site Manger on (or before) arrival on site. The purpose of this induction briefing being:

  • To underline the importance of HSE management in this project’s execution.
  • To explain the objectives and the responsibilities outlined in the project HSE Plan.
  • To discuss the techniques to be used for HSE management.
  • To give an overview of the range of ongoing activities and their locations.
  • To highlight any particular hazards present on the site at the time and/or any specific risks associated with the individual’s job responsibilities including:
  • smoking limitations o work permit procedures
  • traffic and parking regulations
  • restrictions on the use of drugs and alcohol
  • limitations on places for eating and drinking
  • housekeeping standards o prohibition of the use of solvents, chemicals and oil products for any purpose, unless specifically authorized
  • dangers and handling procedures for any noxious or hazardous substances o hazards of excavation operations, e.g. damaging underground cabling or piping
  • use of safety equipment such as personal protective equipment, fire extinguishers and life-saving devices
  • action in the event of discovering fire or loss of containment
  • Action in the event of an accident.

At these briefings this plan shall be explained and the Personal HSE Handbook shall be handed over. All sub-contractors shall be requested to carry out similar induction exercises with their new intake.

3.2 Additional Training

When required,the Site HSE Officer shall organize additional training, especially when critical tasks are going to be performed.

3.3 Personal HSE Handbook

WPPCO shall issue a personal HSE Handbook, in Arabic, which provides information on HSE and emergency procedures for all personnel working on the project.



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